Webinar Recording - Is it Really Different This Time? 

Hosted by Rob Taylor, Emily Rae, and Greg Giffin

Rob Taylor and Emily Rae hosted a webinar, with guest speaker, Greg Giffin, addressing the recent global events and how the markets have reacted as well as some notable portfolio changes. As many investors are feeling nervous and overwhelmed during these unprecedented times, this webinar was created to speak to these concerns in a way that is easily understood and provides clarity in an otherwise uncertain environment.

Click here to watch the recording.



In the world of investing, time is your friend

Market downturns and recoveries are easier to handle when you look at the long term—and at the silver lining....

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Ever get emotional about your investments?

Often, it’s okay to follow our emotions—but not when it comes to investing. See why our emotions tempt us to do the opposite of what’s best for us....

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Prepare your children for financial responsibility

Youth who develop financial literacy at home will manage money better once they leave. Find out about four principles and practices you can help them acquire....

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Managing your RRIF withdrawals effectively

In retirement, every dollar you save in tax is more money to support your lifestyle. We’ve got ways to save tax by strategically making Registered Retirement Income Fund (RRIF) withdrawals....

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Do you and your parents have powers of attorney?

It’s a common misconception that if a person loses the ability to manage their finances, their spouse or child can automatically take over. Learn the truth of the matter....

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Markets rallied in July, contrary to most investors’ expectations

In contrast to gloomy expectations, markets rallied to close out July. Balancing bearish investors, a hawkish Fed, and mixed market indicators, we are taking a cautious approach as more surprises are likely to come....

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What’s After the Storm?

Short-term market challenges are a distraction from the big picture. The real concern is what comes next. In this update we explore five key considerations for a solid long-term investment philosophy....

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It Is a Tougher Game When Central Banks Turn Hawkish

Volatility continues to plague the S&P 500 following the Fed’s latest attempt to curb inflation. With more aggressive repricing necessary and market bottom still to come, it’s important to look beyond the hiking cycle and focus on the long term....

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Can your risk tolerance change?

Tolerance to investment risk doesn’t tend to change much until retirement. Learn about three factors that can break this general rule....

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Buy low, sell high—the challenges and opportunities

It’s said that successfully buying low and selling high only favours the fortunate—but did you know you’re likely benefiting from this investment ideal right now?...

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