My Client's Success Comes First

Teamwork is the key to how I work with my clients. I have a team of experts behind me to provide the best recommendations and outcomes.

While numbers and returns are important - there are many other things clients worry about such as:

  • Saving for retirement – how do I ensure my funds last me through retirement?
  • Saving for a major purchase – purchasing a home/cottage, buying a new car/truck, owning my own business or traveling
  • Estate planning – reviewing my will, preserving my estate for my beneficiaries, charitable giving.
  • Paying for my child’s or grandchild’s education.
  • What happens if my spouse gets sick or passes away?  Will I still be able to maintain my standard of living?


My goal is to work with you to help you plan for your future, by understanding your life goals and to ensure your plan meets your needs throughout your entire life.

My approach is as follows:

  1. My clients and I work in partnership to understand their lifestyle needs and retirement goals.  Family situations, cash flow and investment time horizons are reviewed to help me tailor my solution to each client.
  2. We review their risk-tolerance and discuss scenarios they might find themselves in to understand how they feel about different outcomes.  Not every investment is right for every client.
  3. We discuss a tax and estate plan to ensure they are keeping as much money in their own hands and that their assets are protected in the event of a life changing event.
  4. From there, I develop a financial plan that includes investment recommendations and other strategies to achieve their goals.  Once we are in agreement, we put the plan into action.
  5. At our annual meeting we discuss whether there has been any changes to their financial goals and we will make changes to your financial plan accordingly.


Contact me to start the discussion.