Ensure a Secure Retirement

Planning your retirement should start when you are young.  The sooner you can start to save, the more time you have to generate a solid nest-egg for your family.

Research conducted for the Investment Funds Institute of Canada suggests that 74% of investors with an advisor felt that they would have enough money to retire, compared to just 53% who did not have expert advice. (Ipsos Reid, 2010). If you’re not working with a financial professional towards your retirement goals, how much is it really costing you?

Beyond planning for your retirement, it is also important to understand how to transition from your working life into your retirement years.  Which investments to draw on first, how to minimize taxes and split income so that you can get the most out of your money and ensure there is enough to cover you well into retirement.

No matter your stage of life - retiring soon, already retired, or just starting your retirement planning - we can help you plan for and enjoy a financially secure future.

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