Our Process - The Steps

1. The Discovery Meeting

We begin by asking you a series of questions so that we better understand how your financial situation has evolved over time.  We'd like to understand what is important to you as you build and preserve your wealth. Our objective is to understand your values as they relate to money. As a result you're more likely to commit to your own active plan and you’ll have an easier time prioritizing your goals. Next we focus on identifying your financial milestones; when you would like to reach them, what resources it will take and how you will feel once you have arrived. We will also take a snapshot of where you are today in four key areas; cash reserves, growth assets, risks management and debt.

2. Comprehensive Assessment 

You will gather and provide us with all of your important documents so that we can analyze them to gain a clear, detailed picture of your current financial position. We will make a note of any questions we have concerning these documents and will contact you clarification. 

3. Financial Snapshot Report

We will take the information we gathered during the Discovery Meeting and Comprehensive Assessment to build your own personalized Financial Snapshot Report, which you can begin to use immediately to chart and control your financial future. This report is your financial compass, allowing you to clearly see the steps you will need to take in order to accomplish your goals. 

4. Investment Policy Statement

Your Investment Policy Statement is the blueprint of your investment portfolio. It is a written document that takes into account your individual needs and outlines an appropriate asset allocation among several individual asset classes. It keeps you from getting sidetracked by short-term market trends and helps you stay focused on the long term. If your circumstances or goals change we will provide you with an update of your Investment Policy Statement to reflect your new requirements.

5. Wealth Dashboard - Plan Implementation

We clearly identify the most important steps for you to take by reviewing your own personalized Wealth Dashboard. We then implement these steps in order of priority. You’ll achieve a sense of satisfaction, energy and real progress as you complete these important steps.

6. Progress Update Meetings

We will meet on a regular basis to review your progress and make adjustments as needed. During these meetings we will:

  • Review the progress you have made towards the accomplishment of your milestones.
  • Review the action items that were completed during the past reporting period.
  • Revisit the action items that are to be implemented during the current period.

Inform you about changes such as new legislation, trends or opportunities that will impact your plan and provide you with revised recommendations.