My name is Claire and I am a very happy satisfied investor with Assante Wealth Management. I am so excited about my future! I started investing with Assante less than six years ago, having great results and it just keeps on growing. One of my goals was to own a sailboat, and in a very short time, I have been successful in obtaining a sailboat with my partner who is also invested with Assante. I was very nervous and apprehensive at first because I knew very little about investing. I was very thankful when my brother-in-law referred me to his financial advisor, Trevor Marsh, of Assante. A guy who knows the business, a guy you can trust. Strategies were explained to me in a professional and easy to understand manner. We discussed my level of risk, my hopes and dreams and a plan to make it all happen. Everyone can and should benefit, by investing with Assante.”

— Claire C

For over a decade, Trevor has provided investment ,retirement and tax advice that has allowed us to attain our financial goals. In our retirement, we continue to listen to him , making adjustments base on market conditions and we are extremely satisfied with our returns especially during this current pandemic. Highly recommend Trevor and the Assante for your financial needs

— Doug M

I have been a client for approximately 2 years & have been very happy with both the personal service I receive as well as the returns on my portfolio. I appreciate Trevor taking the time to walk me through any changes he feels are necessary, as we work our way through these tumultuous times. My positive experiences with Trevor & team has lead me to transfer my mother’s RIF over to Assante. I know from past experience she is in good hands.

— Joe A

“Retirement can be a frightening decision, especially if you have no one to guide you or answer your questions regarding finances. Trevor had been doing just that for many years. He began with the end in mind when considering our future retirement. Now that we have achieved this milestone my spouse and I have been realizing our dreams with the comfort of a nest egg well managed and well protected. We recommend Trevor and his team at Assante for peace of mind and confidence.” - Maurice & Suzanne O.

— Maurice & Suzanne O

Our family has been a client of Assante for 13 years. We feel highly confident in the financial advice we have received from Trevor Marsh. Retirement planning was carefully executed in order for us to be secure today and into the future. Trevor has always greeted us with a positive approach and with a smile. We are very happy with the personal touch he has given us over the years.

— Steve and Rose C

My name is Gary, I am a retired senior executive and have been working closely with Trevor Marsh and Assante Financial for over a decade. Since my introduction, Trevor has been a very competent guide in all my significant financial decisions and has worked closely with me in developing an appropriate, age relevant, investment philosophy and risk tolerance profile. Although I was able to manage my personal finances early in my career it became much more difficult as my salary increased and taxation issues became a significant area of concern that required the attention of a taxation expert. Trevor has clearly demonstrated that taxation planning must be taken into account and is an important component of any sound investment strategy. With his careful and ongoing review and advice regarding ever-changing financial dynamics and an understanding of the impacts political and other world events have on the economy I have managed to achieve relatively consistent positive annual returns since 2010. I am pleased to see that Trevor is taking on additional support staff to allow for greater access to his office during busy times of the fiscal year.

— Gary N

Trevor has provided invaluable advice on being able to coordinate my personal and business financial affairs in order to provide innovative investment strategies that provide superior investment returns while minimizing income taxes. We are quite happy with our overall experience and the financial advice he provides.

— Serge P

After retiring from a 32 year career, I met Trevor at his office and discussed investing my pension money. To be clear, I have zero experience in any investments. After meeting with other investment advisors, it was clear that Trevor was realistic, personable, and very flexible in balancing the cashflow for the future. 11 years later and going strong! Trevor is proven trustworthy and competent. Highly recommended

— Pete R

I have been with Assante for a little over a year now and I have had nothing but good experiences. Trevor Marsh has been my financial advisor along with the help of Levi TenBrinke and they have been extremely helpful and diligent regarding my investments. When I had my first meeting with Trevor, he made sure to take the time to explain all my options to me and breakdown long and short term goals. He has continually done this over the last year, and has been very eager in answering all of my questions, and not just answering them, but going through them with me and explaining his answers. He has also been more than willing to help me learn and become interested and engaged in my investments. Overall I have nothing but good things to say about the Assante team, and will continue to be very grateful for everything they have done for me, and everything I’ve learned over the last year.

— Kate P