Trevor's Value Proposition

Other than our regular financial planning services (see below) that are quite tangible, including the yearly tax savings of strategic tax planning and investments, let’s not forget the hidden value that we provide to you that you may not see on a regular basis.  

For example, being an emotionally detached advisor, whom the client can rely on for objective advice, has tremendous value in itself. We create solid financial plans based on long-term client objectives. One of the roles we provide to clients is that we act as an unemotional advisor during difficult and challenging times and our role is to help them avoid making crucial mistakes that drastically alters their plan.  

During a period of volatility and/or market correction, we will contact you to reassure you to stay invested and focus on the plan we had prepared based on your wishes. We will make changes as we deem necessary to protect your capital and take advantage of opportunities when they exist.  

By utilizing my Chartered Accountant and Certified Financial Planner Professional expertise I can offer a unique service of combining tax savings and investment strategies to increase cash flow and net worth. 

Having experience in both accounting and investment services enables me to provide a unique skill to business owners by being able to integrate the financial planning for both their personal and business interests. 

My tax and accounting background also connects me to many other professionals in the fields of mortgage, legal and accountant services. 

Comprehensive Services 

  • Chartered Accountant and Certified Financial Planner Professional 
  • Financial plan preparation and implementation. 
  • Life, disability and health benefits analysis and solutions.  
  • Regular meetings to review investments and other financial planning matters.   
  • Investment strategy and portfolio selection based on your personal objectives and ongoing analysis.  
  • Cash flow planning that minimizes income taxes.  
  • Income tax planning. 
  • Economic analysis. 
  • Review of investment products on a regular basis. 
  • Meeting mutual fund company representatives and portfolio managers. 



Trevor Marsh, CPA, CA, CFP 

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