Wealth Planning

Are you looking at the big picture?  You have ideas on how you want to live your life.  Just like any journey though, you are more likely to succeed when you have a clear road map.  Strategic wealth planning goes beyond investments.  Through an integrated, comprehensive approach that encompasses all areas of your financial affairs; strategic wealth planning provides you with coordinated strategies to help you achieve your near and long-term financial goals.

Planning works.  According to a Financial Planning Standards Council study conducted in June 2010, of Canadians who engage in comprehensive financial planning, 51% are on track to reach their desired lifestyle, compared to 33% who received limited financial advice and 18% who did not receive any.

As part of the United Financial division of CI Private Counsel LP, the Wealth Planning Group is comprised of accountants, lawyers and financial planners who have specialized knowledge and extensive experience in tax, estate, succession and financial planning for individuals, families and corporations in Canada.

Through our Wealth Planning Group, we are also able to able to offer clients strategic advice on:

  • Establishing trusts: family, spousal, testamentary, or alter ego
  • Estate freezes
  • Dealing with your vacation property
  • Planning a will
  • Individual pension plans
  • Tax planning for the transfer of your family farm
  • Incorporating your business or professional practice
  • Retirement compensation arrangements
  • Shareholders' agreements
  • Tax planning for the sale of your business
  • Ceasing Canadian residence
  • Planning for incapacity or a disabled beneficiary
  • Charitable giving, private and public foundations, making donations of cultural property and art