Incorporated Professionals

Fit With Incorporated Professionals

As a busy incorporated professional, finding the right balance between family, career and community is a challenge.  Your success has created a level of financial complexity and our role in your financial life is to help you achieve balance by helping you with these complexities, allowing you to focus your valuable time on your family and career.  I fit best with clients who proactively keep me apprised of their life changes so I can respond and keep their plan relevant and specialized to them.     


My team and I understand the unique needs of incorporated professionals: doctors, dentists and lawyers.  We review your existing corporate structure to ensure you are using it to your maximum advantage and avoiding common pitfalls such as holding passive assets in your operating company, qualifying and maximizing the lifetime capital gains exemption of over $800,000, etc. 

We need a financial advisor who we can trust, who is approachable, and listens to what what our goals are. Chris has fulfilled all of those qualifications. He has helped us with not just investments, but our entire spectrum of financial needs including insurance, preparing for the funding of our child's education and setting up a family trust. With Chris's help we feel that we have prepared ourselves for the future.

— Dentist
Yarmouth, NS

How I Can Help

Less than 4% of Canadians are business owners and have a corporate structure in place.   Incorporation allows for our professional clients to be able to take advantage of numerous financial planning strategies. Some of the strategies my team and I have worked on with our incorporated professionals include:

  • Income splitting with shareholders
  • Income splitting through a trust
  • Estate freezes
  • Utilizing and maximizing the lifetime capital gains exemption of over $800,000
  • Corporate-owned life insurance
  • Health spending accounts for key employees
  • Tax deferral through Corporate Class investing
  • Estate planning
  • Compensation planning

Client Centric Process

Our clients are at the core of everything we do. My team from our Wealth Planning Group and I take a client centric approach in managing our clients' wealth. We develop a comprehensive wealth plan unique to each client’s situation and work collaboratively with our client’s existing professional advisors to implement and monitor this plan. This is a unique process that allows for open, honest communication between all parties which delivers optimal results for our clients.