Fee-Based Accounts, adding flexibility with one transparent fee.

At Assante, we offer clients a choice of solutions and services to meet their unique financial and wealth management needs. Now Assante’s fee-based account offers an alternative to the traditional fee structure.  Assante’s fee-based program gives you a cost-effective and convenient way to manage your wealth. With a fee-based account, we will work with you to set the scope of the financial advice and planning services suited to your personal situation and goals – and the exact fee that will be charged for these services.

This added flexibility will give you the comfort of one transparent asset-based fee.  We will work together to decide if a fixed flat rate fee, or a variable rate fee based on the assets in your account is right for you. With the variable rate option, as markets change and as more or less trading may be necessary, you can focus more on achieving your financial goals and less on keeping track of
individual commission costs. Whichever option you choose, the fee – which is calculated daily and
automatically collected quarterly from your investment or bank account – is agreed upon by you and your advisor up front.