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We appreciate that you have worked hard to attain your wealth — and we know that you desire to do good, invest well, and pass on not only your wealth, but also your values to the generations to follow. We also know that managing your wealth can be complex and time-consuming. As your Assante advisor, together we will help you define and prioritize each of your goals and we build a comprehensive wealth plan that will help you achieve them. We will walk beside you throughout your life to help you navigate all of the challenges and complexities you may face along the way. 

Our team loves to help people.


Christine Butchart and Jessica Holvik take a holistic approach to financial health and wealth.

Our comprehensive financial planning approach addresses all the pieces of your financial picture and is always centered around the things that are important to you. We believe that a truly satisfying life includes people and purpose, and your financial plan prioritizes these things. Through our holistic approach, we help you to care for yourself and your family, and to live your best life.

We take the time to get to know you, and to make sure you feel comfortable with your decisions. We are readily available to answer your questions and provide advice whenever it is needed. We help you feel secure and supported.

We believe that giving is more rewarding than receiving, and love to help people discover the joy of giving. We help people increase the impact of their giving if this is important to them. Clients who get the most benefit out of working with us are individuals and couples who want to:


  • Protect the future for themselves and their families.
  • Build or maintain financial independence.
  • Reduce the amount of income tax they pay when possible.
  • Have trusted professionals guiding them so they can focus their time and energy on the other important things in their life.
  • Be well informed about the decisions they are making.
  • Have a positive impact by giving their time, talents, or money to causes they care about.


We look forward to having a personal conversation about how we can help you. To set up a complimentary initial consultation, please call us at 1-888-424-2022, or email Jessica at

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Jessica Holvik, B.Sc. (Hons), B.Ed, CFP, MFA-P™ (Philanthropy)

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Investment services and strategies

At CI Assante Wealth Management, we will work with you to develop a personalized wealth management strategy to meet all your financial milestones. Your plan will be designed based on your goals and needs, built with best-in-class investments, and continually monitored to ensure it keeps you on track toward the future you desire. If you are looking for a financial solution that will simplify and enhance your life, please contact me for a confidential consultation.



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