Our Process

Invest with Confidence

We don’t know what will happen tomorrow. There is no sure fire way to predict the future. The market will change. It does so every day. One step in the wrong direction and you can easily end up in a financial pitfall that can threaten everything you have worked hard for. As far as your financial affairs are concerned, however, there is no need for kneejerk reactions as long as you understand the one thing you do have control over— and that is to financially prepare for the future with an Advisor you can trust. With the right mix of tools, resources and, expertise, as your assante Advisor, be rest assured, you will be well advised to invest with confidence.

Our process is simple:

Step 1 – Identify Your Financial Future

Your financial future doesn’t just take care of itself.  By asking questions, and conducting a thorough data-gathering process, I strive to understand your financial goals. I begin by looking at where you are today, where you want to be tomorrow and determine how long will it take for you to get there. I discover whether you want to: save more or work longer; desire a predictable rate of return or prefer your portfolio to do all the heavy lifting?  Then, together, we set the benchmarks on your priorities and risk tolerance.

Taking the guess work out of your financial future is as simple as discovering how much you can spend, how much you’ll need for the future, and how much you need to start saving today—striking the right balance between risk and return.

Step 2 – Charting the Course for Wealth Creation

How much can you expect to earn? Simple. I do the math for you. I work hard to cover all your bases for a portfolio that is diversified in appropriate asset classes and in the right proportions. By conducting a thorough financial analysis based on qualitative and quantitative facts, and creating a model for the distribution of returns, your path to wealth creation is set out in a formal Investment Policy Statement.  Your Investment Policy Statement will chart the course to meet your long-term financial needs while respecting your risk limit.

Step 3 – Invest with confidence.

As your Advisor, it is my role to ensure your investment strategy remains aligned with your long-term financial goals and that your portfolio performs as it should. In a climate of constant change—be it global economics, local market conditions, interest rates or important life changes, knowing the benchmarks for long-term performance and understanding the need for ongoing checks and balances, I conduct continual monitoring to market changes occurring in the present, so we can put strategies in place to protect your future. Continuous monitoring of your Investment Policy Statement ensures your plan stays on track and remains current.