Why Be Our Client?

Helping clients realize their wealth creation goals really is as easy as identifying and achieving meaningful financial milestones throughout various stages of life.

By offering a fully integrated approach to financial planning— that is, bringing together sound investment advice, wealth management expertise, estate and succession planning, tax, insurance, business management and personal support services—Assante clients can enjoy a simplified approach towards leaving a lasting legacy for their families and communities.

Many people make the mistake of dealing with their wealth in bits and pieces. They use a financial planner for this, a broker for that; an insurance agent, and a banker to manage their financial resources and responsibilities. This silo approach to managing wealth is time-consuming and inefficient. These people often end up inadvertently scattering their wealth.

Financially aware individuals, however, enjoy an integrated financial and life management plan that continuously evolves to meet changing needs, market conditions and individual circumstances.  Being an Assante client means having access to a full array of products and services provided by a strong, stable national firm and guided by expert advice to help you navigate your many financial options.

As your Assante Advisor, I put the pieces together for a comprehensive plan that guides you through complex financial decisions and takes care of a host of financial responsibilities. It is my goal to maximize your financial plan to provide a long term perspective that emphasizes capital preservation while achieving a reasonable, tax efficient rate of return.

You can additionally feel secure knowing that your financial needs are supported by the exceptional investment management team and wealth planning group available through Assante’s sister company, CI Investments Inc., and United Financial, a division of CI Private Counsel LP.

Your privacy is also very important to us. At Assante, collectively, we adhere to the strictest regulations regarding the safe keeping of your files, are trained in anti money laundering techniques, and do not accept cash payments to your accounts for your protection. See our Privacy Policy.