A good relationship starts out by developing a foundation of understanding and mutual respect.

I need to learn what is important to you about money. You need to know how I will help you reach your financial goals.

Any questions on fees, or my professional financial focus are open for discussion.

We treat our clients with respect, confidentiality and a commitment to their financial and personal well-being.

I employ 20 years of experience and training as well as sophisticated financial analysis tools to build and maintain your personalized financial plan.

When required, I access a team of  highly trained wealth management specialists, lawyers and tax professionals to analyze and address specific complex wealth management issues.

A written financial plan is developed to ensure that a simple but concise course is laid out. It acts as a bridge to your financial future. Modifications are incorporated as required through ongoing communications.

The personalized plan that we create identifies the best financial path, based on your personal/family or business situation and the expected outcomes we agree upon.

Ideally we will meet once or twice a year at my office to ensure the plan is still on track and to address any changes that may affect its maintenance.

Emails are an environmentally friendly and convenient way of maintaining communications, identifying emerging issues, and announcing events offered to provide financial education. For those who prefer to do so, we use regular mail service as well.

Our Well-Advised quarterly newsletter provides information on current issues in the market as well as strategies to improve your financial success.

Seminars and special presentations provide an opportunity for clients to hear and speak with financial specialists in various areas of interest.

And of course, I am just a phone call away.