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June 18, 2024 - Lyndsey Astley

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When a wealth plan is fluid

Your wealth plan is a roadmap to achieving your life goals—but it’s subject to change for multiple reasons. Find out why this important plan should never be set in stone....

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Planning for market volatility

Do you shudder when you hear “volatility?” See how you can be prepared financially and psychologically for market swings—and that includes remembering volatility’s upside....

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Five items often overlooked in a will

Did you know that if the sole subscriber of a Registered Education Savings Plan passes away, plan assets don’t go to the child? You can correct this in your will and address these four other issues....

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Take advantage of family and caregiving benefits

Financial help is available when you’re caring for a child or adult family member. Learn about common and lesser-known federal government benefits....

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Wealth planning is different when you’re single

Singles have different financial needs than couples or families. See how these differences affect virtually every component of wealth planning throughout each chapter of your life....

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Are markets undervalued? Where are the opportunities?

With interest rates likely at or near their peak, the market should move from being priced based on interest rate expectations to a focus on valuations....

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ETF Taxation: Tax-loss Selling and Identical Property

Tax-loss selling is a popular strategy for making use of capital losses in non-registered investment accounts. The losses can be used to help offset capital gains realized elsewhere in a portfolio....

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Have you planned for digital assets

Imagine your executor needing to access your bank account without your password. That’s just one reason it’s critical to include digital property in your estate plan....

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Preserving estate assets for your heirs

Treasured assets have been reluctantly sold to cover the tax payable by an estate. Here are four ways you can plan to take care of the tax bill....

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How to pay little or no tax on RESP withdrawals

Did you know that some Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) withdrawals are taxable, while others are not? We’ve got tax-saving tips for you and your child....

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