Module 2: Analysis

Once we have determined the type of assistance you need, with your help we gather the necessary information about your situation in order to compile the appropriate type of report. The compilation of information and data is often the most arduous segment of the process, but it is extremely important to acquire both current and accurate information in order to provide advice that is equally as current and accurate.

There are four basic levels of client reports are as follows :

1. The Financial Snapshot : this report is a generally used by clients wanting to know if they are on track in achieving their goals. Information provided about current investment and real estate assets, and liabilities, employment income and pensions expected, and regular "lifestyle expenditures" is gathered and provides us the tools to assess the likeliest of outcomes.

2. The Financial Assessment : in this report we do an in-depth assessment of four major questions.
     a. What do we have today?
     b. Will it be enough to meet our needs?
     c. What happens if things change?
     d. Is our family protected?

A solid financial assessment will illustrate your current situation, and outline how to get from "where you are" to "where you want to be". It will also deliver one of two messages: peace of mind, as your financial affairs are in good order, or a reality check that you will need to make some changes in order to achieve your goals.

3. The Estate Plan : The estate planning process involves several key components:
     a. understanding your current circumstances and intentions, your projected tax liability on death, what assets  will be available on your death and how they are owned.
     b. establishing plans for the distribution of your assets that reflect your final wishes, take into account the needs and circumstances of your beneficiaries, and minimize taxes payable by your beneficiaries.
     c. preparing a will with the assistance of legal specialists, or reviewing your will to ensure that it reflects your wishes.
     d. making appropriate beneficiary designations for your retirement plans, life insurance policies and TFSAs.
     e. ensuring that documents are in place so that property, financial, and health care decisions will be looked after on your behalf in the event you are not able to do so yourself.

4. The Wealth Plan ( Private Client - a service offered by United Financial ) : those clients who qualify for Private Client Managed Portfolio Program status will receive the most respected and comprehensive financial and estate plan in the financial industry. The Private Client Wealth plan is comprised of four modules:
     a. Financial Analysis - provides similar information to The Financial Assessment.
     b. Risk Management - a review of the need for life insurance to determine if you have sufficient coverage to  meet your family's lifestyle objectives in the event of your disability, long-term sickness, or death.
     c. Tax and Financial Strategies - this module examines strategies and concepts designed to minimize tax to clients either personally or through their partnerships and corporate structures. Many of these strategies are complex and require direct input and assistance from specialists within our Wealth Management team.
     d. Wealth Transfer - the Wealth Transfer module provides all of the information and assistance found in The Wealth Plan, but with even greater depth. Individuals  and client families with small business or farm corporations also benefit from the transition of concepts and ideas flowing from the Tax and Financial Strategies module into the Wealth Transfer module, making the process of financial and estate planning complete right through to the transfer of assets to subsequent generations.