Module 4: Monitor and Review

Once you have your investment portfolio properly arranged; strategies and plans outlined; and have a clear roadmap for the future; it is important that we continue to monitor your progress to ensure success. Life is complicated, and often unseen developments alter our lives and goals, so by constantly monitoring and reviewing your situation we can make the necessary alterations when needed to account for these complexities. When appropriate, investment portfolios are altered or rebalanced; retirement income is adjusted to reflect lifetsyle needs; and estate planning strategies are adapted to reflect changes within your family and wealth transfer goals.

Our process includes meeting with you on a regular basis.....based on your preferences and requirements. As clients also benefit from the services of my Associate Advisor, Regan Wood, you can rest assured that your needs will be addressed in an efficient and timely fashion. There is also continuity of service now and into the future....Regan and I work for our clients, utilizing the value-added services and resources of Assante Wealth Management .