Wealth Management has become somewhat of a "buzz-word" in the financial services industry evidenced by the fact that something like 75% of firms claim that they offer complete "wealth management" services. The reality is much different though, with less than 20% of financial firms in Canada actually providing any form of multi-level wealth management to their clients.

At Assante Financial Management Ltd., we take full advantage of the "integrated wealth management" concept pioneered by Assante's predecessor, Loring Ward Investment Counsel, back in the 1980's. True integrated wealth managment means addressing client's needs utilizing a multi-disciplinary approach, and with the assistance of professionals from both within and outside of Assante Wealth Management.

Canadians unfamiliar with the integrated wealth management approach often attempt to tackle their financial, retirement , and estate planning needs on their own. Not only is this strategy time consuming and expensive, but many people get frustrated and eventually abandon their well-intentioned efforts in favour of less complicated pursuits. The result is that very important planning simply gets put on the back burner, and may actually never be completed.

Integrated Wealth Management works......because we make it easier, simpler to understand, and less expensive.