Module 1: Consultation

The consultation or "Discovery Process" is the foundation of our future relationship. By getting to know your current situation,dreams and goals we can better establish how we may be of service to you. Our first step is a private conversation designed to achieve this understanding.

The initial meeting is designed to determine whether we can and should work together going forward. Should the answer be yes, we will agree on how simple or extensive the process should be. Some client families simply want to know if "they have enough" to retire comfortably, and whether their investment portfolios are adequate to reach their goals. Others seek a much more comprehensive plan, requiring the gathering of information such as personal and / or corporate tax returns and financial statements, asset and liability statements, wills and powers of attorney etc. Ultimately, the choice is yours as to how extensive the services delivered to you will be. 

We have the specialists and resources either in our Brandon office; with the Assante Wealth Management team; or with referred professionals that enable us to address all of your wealth planning needs.