The BIG Picture Program™

The BIG Picture Program™ helps you simplify your life by creating a big picture blueprint that integrates all of your business, financial and personal planning.  Created by Tina Tehranchian, The BIG Picture Program™ will help you make more money and maximize your wealth, enjoy greater peace of mind, and achieve your business, financial and life goals.

Most successful business owners have already some financial planning, but they still feel worried and anxious about the future.  This is because they have not integrated all of their planning into one integrated blueprint. As a result, they may not be taking advantage of potential tax strategies, and other financial planning strategies available to them. They may not have a risk management plan, and if they do it may be out of synch with their financial plan. They may not have properly allocated their assets and their succession plan may be out-of-date or non-existent. In addition, their financial advisors may not be working together and they may have accounts at many different institutions. As a result, they may lose money unnecessarily and not maximize their wealth.

By doing piece-mail planning, and by not looking at the big picture, they may face many repercussions.  Their planning may be incomplete or ineffective, and may not take their life goals into account. Caught up in a maze of complexity, they may miss out on opportunities to achieve their business, financial and personal goals in the most effective manner possible.

That's why we created The BIG Picture Program™: to help you simplify your life by creating a big picture blueprint that integrates all of your business, financial and personal planning.

The BIG Picture Program™ is a step-by-step process divided into distinct stages.  In stage one, you participate in a one-on-one Starter Session to assess your current situation and set goals—business, financial and personal.  When you've completed the session, you'll be ready to participate in The BIG Picture Program, which helps you develop a BIG Picture Blueprint.  We then help you develop a team and implement your plan.  You can also take advantage of The BIG Picture Toolbox, our full suite of tools and capabilities.

We developed this program working with our clients during the past two decades.  We help them understand their current situation and create a powerful vision for their future.  Then we look at the roadblocks standing in their way, develop strategies to overcome them, and review all of the tools to help them achieve their vision.

The program has been designed with successful and growing business owners in mind. Those who are financially confident and experienced, are open-minded, long term thinkers, and want to integrate their planning and simplify their life will benefit greatly from The BIG Picture Program™