“We are highly impressed and appreciate Tina Tehranchian and her team’s consistent professional attitude towards addressing our concerns and coming up with suggestions for improving our investment objectives.  She diligently brings us up to date on risks and tax management issues through changing times and ever changing financial landscapes."

M. Mohajer & A. Mohajer, PhD., P. Geo

“For several decades I have been able to count on Tina as a trusted partner in my overall investment & retirement strategies, insurance selection and overall estate planning. Despite numerous market corrections and rebounds Tina has provided sage advice from her personal knowledge and the support of industry experts within her network. Her team is very responsive and incredibly diligent with the detailed requirements that are necessary for successful long term results. Regular communications and touchpoints provide the peace of mind that my portfolio is well managed. Super happy to have found Tina as early as I did.”

K. Sterling

“I have known Tina for many years, both pre and post retirement. She is extremely knowledgeable about the financial services offered and she is always interested in helping me with any ideas or activities I need to participate in. Her staff are very supportive, friendly and helpful when dealing with any necessary information and electronic transfer of forms and money. Especially when I retired to the Pacific Coast of B.C.!”

M. Price

“We have known Tina for over 25 years and have recommended her to our family and friends.  You have earned our trust by your hard work. We really appreciate the regular and timely meetings that you have held to review our portfolio and guidance in the best way to  invest.”

A. & N. Jamal

“Tina is unusually well informed and is conscientious about serving her clients. She is also responsive to requests.  I rate her services very highly."

F. Potter

“Everyone is always very professional, responsive, and explains financial decisions and options clearly for those without a background in finance and financial planning.”

D. MacCallum

“I have had poor advice in the past and with the market collapse in 2008, I felt sick and I lost a lot of money.  Now I know that I am in good hands, I trust Tina Tehranchian, I know nothing is guaranteed, but I feel that I am given good advise that tells me that my money and my needs matter. I feel relieved and secure with my investments now.”

W. Larsen

“I’ve been very fortunate to have been introduced to Tina through a mutual friend and have enjoyed peace of mind with my financial planning.  I trust that she always has and continues to have my best interests at hand. I have referred my friends to her as well. Thank you for excellent care and service.”

J. Magner

“I value the advice and support shown to me.  No query seems irrelevant and is always answered to my satisfaction. I feel confident that my estate is being given an exacting consideration with my interests in mind.  Over the years I have dealt with different institutions but have never felt the personal attention that I have witnessed with ASSANTE.”

J. Valeriote

“We have been a long time customer and a friend to Tina Tehranchian. We have seen her grow from a small office to a full fledged financial services office. She understands her client's needs and provides advice appropriate to their situation.  Her dedication to her work, understanding of markets, and providing the right advice , has won her many awards and accolades.  She is also known for her charitable work and her  social engagements in the local community. Tina's office provides an excellent customer focused service and we are always well received by her staff. We wish Tina and her staff all the best in these trying times.”

V. & R. Saxena

“Working with your team, I feel welcomed and my family’s financial interests are a priority.”

S. Ghasemi

“The best investment help I receive is on the personal basis with Tina.”

M.J. Potter

“Tina takes the time to know every client. At social events you realize that every client feels the same way.”

L. Fraser-Bursach

“Very happy with Tina’s guidance and the prompt response from her and her team (Megan)when  action is required.”

S. and B. Longman

“We are very happy with the service and client experience that Tina and her team have provided over the years.”

S. Shepherd

“Excellent service. Personalized service. Very caring.”

A.B. Harji

“We are very pleased with the level of professionalism we receive from you and your office, as well as your dedication and commitment to us and our portfolio.”

E. & V. Marin

“Feeling valued as a client and services tailored specifically to our knowledge and needs. Great team, very responsive to questions and follow-up after portfolio review meetings.”

J. Parker

“Excellent and attentive service.”

R. Kumar

“We are very pleased with Tina Tehranchian and her team and have complete trust in her ability to care for our financial needs.”

D. & S. Favot

“We are very satisfied with the financial advice we have received and the service you provided us.  We feel valued whenever we meet with you.”

- T. & B.  Peron

“I feel I have an excellent level of service.”

T. Reid

“Excellent in all regards, especially Tina’s leadership.”

M. Mason

"As a long-time client of Tina's I have found her to be always honest, professional and very knowledgeable in her profession. She has helped me secure and grow my retirement funds for which i am very thankful."

S. Kopackov

"Prior to meeting Tina our investments were made on an ad hoc basis that resulted in a collection of investments rather than a structured portfolio. Tina helped us make informed investment decisions that were designed to meet our financial goals both in the short term and looking ahead to our retirement years. We now have a portfolio that is diversified and tax efficient. We have been extremely pleased with the advice and approach Tina has provided."

L. Vanin

"Tina has been a long time trusted advisor, leading a dedicated team who have always served me well. I appreciate their ongoing efforts on my behalf and would not hesitate to recommend Tina for her high level of valued expertise."

S. Kassam

"It is so reassuring to know that I have a nest egg to call upon should my family or friends need support.  If we hadn't met decades ago, I can't imagine how I would have been anywhere close to this point. For this, I cannot thank you enough."

M. Sullivan

"Tina is an exceptional financial advisor. Her service is excellent and very professional. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for financial advice and services."

H. Mehta

"I am very pleased with Tina and her team. Tina always explains my investments to me in a way that is easy to understand and is always available if I need advice."

K. Mackie

"I have known Tina for several years. She is well informed and does answer all questions effectively. Her team is also very responsive to requests. I would recommend her services to other people."

I. De Sequeira

"Tina invests her time to get to know my goals and understand my preferences, such that her advice is always very personalized to what I need."

K. Mohseni

"I have been working with Tina for the last 25 years. She has been most professional, responsive and very sensitive to our needs through the years. My husband and I appreciate her expertise and the personal attention and support that she has provided us through the time we have known her."

P. Weinstock

"We are satisfied with the information we receive via email. We are also very happy with the excellent service and information we get at our regular meetings with Tina. We find Tina and her staff to be very friendly and professional in all our interactions."

T. Peron

"Long term client, over 20 years with Tina, never had a problem."

Dr. J. Daniel-Ivad

"Tina has been extremely helpful advising us when the mix of our accounts needed to change as well as the benefits of moving to a private managed account when we met the qualification criteria."

M. Loos

"Great Service!"

H. Wagner

"Tina is great. Experience with other Financial Planners fell far short of those with Tina. I've been instrumental in getting other family members to move their accounts to Tina and her team."

M. Hann

"Tina's expertise has been invaluable as an expert guest columnist for The Canadian Business Journal providing our readers with excellent information about wealth management and planning."

A. Gillespie, Editor-in-Chief, Canadian Business Journal

"I have been dealing with Tina for my estate planning, insurance and investment needs for many years now, and have the kind of confidence in her that I recommend her services to my clients and all of my clients have given me very positive feedback about Tina's services."

David Corazza CA

"My wife and I have received excellent advice and guidance from Tina for our personal financial planning. Tina is very thorough in her analysis and recommendations. We quickly gained a high level of comfort and confidence in Tina, as she was able to identify and understand our unique financial situation. Her advice has been forthright, unbiased and helpful. I would recommend Tina Tehranchian to anyone looking for a personal financial planner."

Aram & Angela Hamparian

"Tina Tehranchian has been my financial advisor since 1993. I have utmost trust and confidence in her knowledge and ability as a financial advisor. She is very professional in her approach and I have never hesitated to recommend her services to my clients, colleagues, friends or family members."

Joseph P. Colasanto
CA, Collins Barrow (Vaughan)