Becoming a client

As a client, you will simplify your life by creating a big picture blueprint that integrates all of your business, financial and personal planning. You will take advantage of tax planning and saving opportunities. All of your financial affairs will be working together and your accounts will be consolidated.

You will identify all your risks and will put plans in place to protect your family and your business against those risks. And, most importantly, you will have more time and energy to enjoy your life, make more money, maximize your wealth, and achieve your business, financial and life goals.

To learn more about the benefits of being a client, take a closer look at my customized approach below, or contact me at your convenience for a private consultation.

Our Steps

The Starter Kit Consultation


First, we get to know you, your financial situation and your needs. The Starter Kit will help identify your risks, opportunities and strengths.


 The Starter Session Analysis


We will conduct a thorough analysis of your current financial situation, that helps you assess your current situation and identify your goals.


The Big Picture Planning Session Solutions


We understand that each person and each business is unique. Your customized financial strategy will identify and offer strategies to address the challenges that are unique to you. The Big Picture Planning Session helps you develop an integrated plan to achieve your business, financial and personal goals.


The Big Picture Blueprint
Your Roadmap to Success


The Big Picture Blueprint details the financial activities required to achieve your overall Big Picture goals.


The Big Picture Toolbox
Financial Tools and Strategies


We will introduce a range of financial products, strategies, professional resources and capabilities to help you implement your plan.


The Progress Review Sessions
Ongoing Monitoring and Updating

We will meet on a regular basis to monitor your evolving needs and goals in light of changes in your life as well as in the investment markets, tax laws and economic realities. We will conduct regular reviews of your progress to keep you on track towards your goals.