Our Services

Investment Advisory Services - Investment Policy Statement

Your personal Investment Policy Statement will form the basis upon which all investment decisions with regards to your portfolio will be made. To prepare theInvestment Policy Statement we will need to take the following steps:  

  1. Define your investment and financial goals

  2. Determine your income and liquidity needs

  3. Assess your risk tolerance

  4. Define your portfolio objective

  5. Determine the appropriate asset allocation strategy

  6. Determine asset repositioning strategies

Investment Advisory Services- Portfolio Construction

We provide disciplined, diversified and tax-effective investment advisory services that incorporate your personal financial objectives including retirement planning, wealth transfer and charitable donation needs. Portfolio performance is reported at the account and family level.

Investment Advisory Services- Investment Manager Selection


  1. Stability and longevity of the organization

  2. Ownership structure

  3. Experience and reputation of the portfolio management team

  4. Quality of leadership and respect in the industry 

  5. Investment Philosophy and Discipline

  6. Research and depth of resources and information

  7. Buy/sell discipline

  8. Risk management and downside protection

  9. Performance Track Record

  10. Performance vs. Peer Group and Benchmarks

Investment Advisory Services- Portfolio Monitoring


  1. Daily review of trades and reconciliation of holdings and transaction summaries

  2. Daily monitoring of the underlying components of the portfolio

  3. Monthly performance review

  4. Ongoing conference calls and meetings with investment managers

  5. In-depth quarterly review of investment managers

  6. Periodic portfolio rebalancing to target asset allocation

  7. Annual review of personal investment policy or sooner should there be significant changes to your financial situation or personal objectives 

Risk Management and Insurance Services

Risk management forms the foundation of your financial planning. We will make surethat you and your family are protected against unforeseen risks and ensure the success of your financial plan by providing the following analysis and services: 


  1. Comprehensive review–we will perform a comprehensive review of your existing life, disability, critical illness, long term care and personal liability insurance policies

  2. Review of business insurance strategies -we will review your business insurance strategies, such as key person insurance, funding of buy/sell agreements, income protection, group benefit plans, Health and Welfare Trusts, Health Spending Accounts and personal health insurance plans

  3. Assessment of insurance needs–we will assess your need for insurance in any of the above areas and offer recommendations as to the best type of plan to cover that need

Wealth Management, Retirement and Estate Planning Services

We provide the following range of services and solutions that allow you to assess and implement the latest financial planning strategies to help you achieve your retirement goals, preserve your wealth and transfer it to the next generation


  1. Will reviews

  2. Cash Flow Forecasting

  3. Family Trusts

  4. Individual Pension Plans (IPPs)

  5. Retirement Compensation Arrangements (RCAs)

  6. U.S. Estate Planning and Cross Border Taxation Issues

  7. Charitable Donation and Planned Giving Strategies

Succession Planning for Business Owners

Establishing and running a successful business is a great accomplishment. Ensuring that the business survives and thrives after your retirement or upon transfer to the next generation is an even greater accomplishment. We help successful entrepreneurs and business owners plan exit strategies that will ensure a smooth transition for the business and realization of the full value of the business upon the sale of the business or their retirement. These services include advice and referral to qualified experts who can provide advice on the following issues:  


  1. Business Valuation

  2. Estate Freeze 

  3. Management Buyouts

  4. Employee Share Ownership Plans 

  5. Grooming Successors

  6. Funding the Exit Strategy

  7. Generational transfer and inheritance planning discussions with all family members and their respective professional advisors

Charitable Donation and Planned Giving Strategies

For most wealthy families, philanthropy is one of the most rewarding aspects of their wealthand success. While your charitable donations are motivated by your passion for the causes that you donate to, we will ensure that you take advantage of the best tax planning and financial planning strategies to ensure that your donations are made in the most tax-effective manner by providing advice and help in establishing the following:  


  1. Private Foundations  

  2. Charitable Trusts

  3. Community Foundations   

  4. Social Enterprises   

  5. Endowment Funds 

  6. Investment management services for funds held in any of the above structure