Customized Estate Plans

Contemplating one's mortality is not something many of us like to do. But by that same token, the most common financial reasons we hear are keeping people up at night, is whether their affairs are properly in order. In other words, are you providing for your families in accordance with your wishes and efficiently. Our Estate Plans will provide a road map to having your wills, powers of attorney and health care directives prepared. Prior to joining the Davis Nerman Wealth Group, one of our principals, Seth Nerman had over a decade of practicing law in the area of tax and estate planning. Our estate plans will help you determine:

  • When to transfer your wealth

  • How much tax will be payable if you die

  • How to structure your wills in order to provide for your loves ones, including the use of trusts

  • How to address second marriages and blended families 

  • How to provide for charities and other non-profits 

  • How to plan for the family vacation property 

  • How decisions will be made if you become incapacitated 

  • How to minimize taxes and other fees on death 

Example Distribution Illustration


Estate Summary

Taxes can play a huge role in estate planning. We are constantly developing strategies to help minimize tax, including on death. As part of this planning process, we will provide you with an "Estate Summary", as well as an estimate of your terminal tax liability for each year until the end of the planning horizon. An estate summary is a snap shot of your estimated assets, liabilities and terminal tax liability at the end of our planning model.  

Example Estate Summary