The Process

Step 1 - Discovery

We start our Wealth Discovery by learning as much about you as possible. After all, the best advice comes when we can see the full picture. Our discovery process almost always involves discussions, document review and filling out our "Explore your Wealth" Questionnaire. We are not just trying to learn about what you own, but also what is important to you. What are your goals and objectives? What keeps you up at night? What are your plans for the future? 

Step 2 - Planning

Once we have collected all of your information, we analyze the information to build your Wealth Discovery Plan. Your Wealth Discovery Plan includes a number of individual planning models. Depending on your circumstances, we generally start with our Financial Plan. We often refer to the Financial Plan as the foundation to our planning, as it allows us to personalize our recommendations in your Investment Management Plan, Risk Management Plan, Tax Plan and Estate Plan. 

Step 3 - Implementation

Once we have a plan in place, we will work with you to implement your plan. We can address many of our recommendations within our team, but if there is ever a need to have something implemented outside of the Davis Nerman Wealth Group, we will work with your existing professionals to implement the strategy. If you do not have an existing professional in that area, we can help find you one that can address your needs. 

Step 4 - Monitor

We understand that life is busy and some areas of your Wealth Discovery Plan may not always be top of mind. On the other hand, planning is not static and needs to be monitored. Your circumstances are continuously evolving and tax rules and investment choices are constantly changing. It our job to monitor your situation and advise you if any changes to your Wealth Discovery Plan are necessary.   

Step 5 - Revisit

While we use sophisticated technology and our experiences to provide you with the best plan possible, we cannot predict the future. Once we identify that circumstances have changed, we update your plan so that it is consistent with your current objectives and circumstances, as well as any legislative or administrative changes.   



What is keeping you up at night?

We are always looking to improve our client experience. It is important for us to understand what matters to our clients. Please help us, by letting us know, what is keeping you up at night?