The Hydrostone

The Story of Our Home

Our home, community and namesake, the Hydrostone is a small, charming neighbourhood built following the devastating Halifax Explosion. The architects who rebuilt this neighbourhood minimized future risk by using non-combustible hydrostone; a concrete block finished with crushed granite to resemble cut stone. The stones were made with local granite at a plant located in Eastern Passage.

A story that reflects – and inspires – our own

A century later, the Hydrostone is not just surviving – it’s thriving. Built with equal measures of innovation, determination and community, the Hydrostone was made great by the vision of its architects, residents, and the local strengths of its surrounding resources. It not only has inspired our view of what it takes to plan successfully, it reflects our belief that managing the bigger picture for every client involves using their individual strengths and fully exploring every opportunity in order to move their complete wealth management plan forward – on solid ground.