Insurance Planning

The primary reason for insurance is to plan for the unexpected:

  • Will your family be okay if someone prematurely passes away?

  • How will you provide for your family if you cannot work?

  • Are there sufficient funds in the business if you or a key employee cannot work? 

  • Does your estate have sufficient liquidity for debts and taxes?

To address these questions, we perform a "Needs Analysis", which tells us how much, how long and what kind of insurance you need. We include your Needs Analysis as part of your Risk Management Plan. 

Example Needs Analysis

Insurance can be so much more

Outside of the typical reasons people buy insurance, it can be a very useful tool for several other reasons:

  • Preventing your estate from being eroded by taxes.

  • Investment strategies with significant tax benefits.

  • Tax strategies for incorporated professionals and businesses.

  • Buy/sell agreements for business owners.

We will help you analyze your circumstances and provide you with a Risk Management Plan in order to identify if you can benefit from any of these strategies.