Wealth Discovery

We provide a holistic approach to planning. While investments are fundamentally important, investors are more likely to reach their goals and objectives by integrating all facets of their financial lives. We call our approach "Wealth Discovery" and it provides our clients with a framework and strategies to maximize returns and reach their goals. 

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Our Wealth Discovery approach is focussed on 5 main areas:

1. Financial Planning - Have you every asked yourself, will I be able to retire? How much more can I spend? What return do I need to reach my goals? Our financial plans help you answer these questions. For more information, please click here

2. Investment Management - The investment landscape can be confusing even for sophisticated investors. There are no shortage of investment vehicles, strategies and account options. Our goal is to simplify the decision making process, while making investment choices that will maximize returns, limit risk and help our clients achieve their financial planning goals. For more information, please click here

3. Risk Management - Protecting your loved ones from the unexpected is an essential part of financial planning. However, insurance can have other purposes as well, such as asset protection, investment benefits and tax savings. For more information, please click here.

4. Tax Planning - Tax planning impacts all areas of a persons financial life. Tax strategies can help to lower the amount of tax you pay on a yearly basis and grow your investments over the long term. Investing tax efficiently can also help to maximize returns. For more information, please click here.

5. Estate Planning - No one likes to talk about what will happen when they die. It is a difficult conversation and one that we often lose sleep over. We can help you develop an estate plan that ensures that not only your wealth is transferred, but also help to ensure that your values are passed to the next generation. For more information, please click here




Wealth Discovery for Professionals

Professionals have planning opportunities and challenges that are unique to their professions. For more information on our Wealth Discovery Process for Professionals, please click here.

Wealth Discovery for Professors

As professors approach retirement, they are faced with several important decisions that could impact the next phase of their lives. Because of that, we believe that their planning should be unique to them. For more information on our Wealth Discovery Process for Professors, please click here.

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