Does The Cash Flow Plan Work For You?

  • You make a good living, but wonder if you have enough to show for it.

  • Your current strategy is all about the product, not about your plan.

  • You are committed to funding your dreams, and willing to take steps to get there.


Janine's discusses The Cash Flow Plan on Rogers TV 


What do you want?  What is your focus?

Whether it is retiring 5 years earlier or buying a new car, cash flow planning can help you get there. Check out this link on RogersTV on the importance of cash flow planning especially in times of volatile markets.


How to Fund Your Retirement Dreams!

(Featured in May 2016 Richmond Hill Snapd)

We all have dreams.  We just don’t all have a way to fund them.  Recently, I’ve come across the best way of helping my clients to fund these dreams.  And it’s called The Cash Flow Plan. Continue Reading


Where do I Start?

To start, we must know the number.

Complete a cash flow spreadsheet. This is critical to understand where you are today.

The next step is submitting your completed spreadsheet to my office. We can then host a 15-minute telephone meeting to discuss if the Cash Flow Strategy is right for you.

Many people who have worked with a Cash Flow Specialist have found up to $3,000 per month that can be re-focused to fund their dreams.

Send us your spreadsheet now to start you on track for your new financial future.

Click Here to access The Cash Flow Spreadsheet

( For Excel format, please contact us)