Financial and Estate Planning:

Estate Planning 2020

An Individual's Tax Saving Strategies in Uncertain Times

What Does Retirement Mean To You?


What is Right Amount of Cash? Investment Executive. ( November 2016)

One Income Couple? Learn Ideas to keep your Financial Goals on Track.Globe & Mail Nov.2017

Do's and Don'ts of RESPs

Emotional Investing

Mind over Money – 8 Bad Habits to Throw You Off Track

Approaching Retirement: How to Choose an Advisor.

Financial Education for your Teen

Estate and Will Planning: Testamentary Trust

Laid Off, Offered a Package! What does it all mean?

Top Websites and Tips on Planning for Your Elderly Loved Ones

Aging and Society: The Future of Our Elderly

CPP: How the New Rules Affect You

Retirement Stress Test

Estate Planning for Second Marriages

How to Choose a Financial Advisor

Entrepreneurs Financial Checklist

Retirement Spending Traps (Advisor's Edge)

Live Seminar: 5 Steps to Estate Planning. How to be heard when you can't be (Youtube)


Will and Estate Planning Kit:

Estate Planning - A Task for the Times

Willing Planning Workbook

Executor Duties

Executor Checklist

Testamentary trust


Business Owners:

Don't Have a Pension? Create Your Own

Income Sprinkling Guideline. Simplified Rules For Business Owners

2018 Proposed Changes for Tax Planning Using Private Corporations

Income Sprinkling Update

CCPC Where Are We Now Update

Estate Maximization For Business Owners


Industry Trends & Information:

This Time It's Different!

Coping with COVID-19

A Veteran Advisor’s Five- Step Growth Hack featured in BMO Insights ( April 2020)

Staying Positive during Covid19

Times they are A'Changing

What's Next In The Market- 2020

3 Stages of Retirement. Featured in Good Times Magazine ( September 2017)

A Portfolio Is No Place For Emotions. Featured in The Globe & Mail. (Feb, 2017)

Investing Based On Reality, Not Hope

Not Happy with your Financial Advisor! Could it be You?

Brexit Implication Update From Portfolio Managers

Brexit Webcast Summary

Wisdom of Uncertainty

Market Volatility Has Increased!

Market expectations are finally reverting back to reality by Bob Swanson. (Audio)

It's Your Money: Protect It! Part 1

It's Your Money: Protect It! Part 2

Active Versus Passive- Richard Wylie, CFA

Market Cycle

The ABCs of ETFs

Fixed Income: What Can We do for Income?

Fixed Income: Floating Rate Corporate Loans

A Glass Half Full

Investor Challenge: Money Managers Face Off For Charity


Cash Flow Planning:

How to Fund Your Retirement Dreams (May 2016 Snapd)

The Cash Flow Plan discussed on RogersTV (Video)

The Cash Flow Spreadsheet


Tax Planning:

Understanding Your Tax Receipts

Tax Loss Selling

Superficial Losses

Taxtime. Tips to Make Life Easier

Rogers TV: RRSP or TFSA? Which is right for you? (Video)

Federal Budget Commentary 2019

2018 Personal Tax Calendar

Insurance Calculator

US Tax Issues

Tax Free Savings Accounts- A New Way to Save

Charitable Giving

Tax Tips for Year End

Snowbirds: Avoid the IRS Net


Insurance & Asset Protection:

Life Insurance: 5 Reasons Why You Don't Need it!

Insurance-The Bad Apple

The Best Kept Secret for Managing Healthcare!

How Assante Protects Your Assets

Do You Need Critical Illness Insurance?

Critical Illness Needs Analysis


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