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June 2021 Monthly Minute

Thanks for Voting Assante # 1 in Investor Satisfaction!

The long and the short of alternative investments

Marriage no longer revokes a will in Ontario


May 2021 Monthly Minute

Cryptocurrency – What does it really mean and should you own it?

2021 Federal Budget Highlights

Group RRSP options using our online investing platform, Assante Connect


April 2021 Monthly Minute

Tax highlights from the Ontario budget

Age affects life insurance and you should consider it before you need it

How to manage unused contribution room in registered accounts


March 2021 Monthly Minute

2021 Tax Tips

How bitcoins might impact your income taxes

Segregated Funds can provide creditor protection, minimization of probate fees and guarantees on the investments in estate plans


February 2021 Monthly Minute

Impact investing can be a way to participate in the markets and maintain your personal beliefs

Update for Assante Clients in the Evolution Private Managed Program

BlackRock explores the 3 themes shaping markets in 2021


January 2021 Monthly Minute

IPPs and PPPs offer alternative retirement planning options for Business Owners and Company Executives

Registered account limits for 2021

Simple planning tips that make a difference


December 2020 Monthly Minute

Absolute Engagement client survey results

Federal rent subsidy program for businesses hurt by COVID-19

Which home-office expenses can be reimbursed tax-free?


November 2020 Monthly Minute

Additional Assante service offerings

Take advantage of commonly missed tax deductions

Disability insurance for COVID-19 essential workers


October 2020 Monthly Minute

Evolving client experience

Entrepreneurial confidence could be key to Canada's economic comeback

Insurance for COVID-19 travel


September 2020 Monthly Minute

Market Update: Disciplined Investment Process

How can RESPs work for your family

Retirement Readiness Checklist


Summer 2020 Monthly Minute

Market Update: Our New Normal

Canada's Fiscal Snapshot

Alternative Sources of Emergency Cash


June 2020 Monthly Minute

Make a difference in your community

Market Update: Articles for the optimist and pessimist perspective

Manulife Debt Survey ties every generation


May 2020 Monthly Minute

How you managing in our "new reality"?

Market Update: What Do We Know?

2020 Tax Guide


April 2020 Monthly Minute

New World

Market Disruptions

Valuable Resource during current economic conditions


March 2020 Monthly Minute

Tax TIme

Market Update

Coronovirus FAQ


February 2020 Monthly Minute


OHIP Travel Changes

Changes to Investment Options


January 2020 Monthly Minute

 Market 2020

Dates to remember

Best Money Advice


November 2019 Monthly Minute

Times they are A'Changing

Trusted Contact Person Vs. Power of Attorney

CRA and Your Property


September 2019 Monthly Minute

Creating Your Legacy through Charitable Giving

Financial Stepping Stones For Families

Defining Your Retirement


Summer 2019 Monthly Minute

Protecting What You Have

Having Young Investors In The Home

Investing In a Low Interest & Negative Interest Environment


June 2019 Monthly Minute

Retirement Vision

Power of Zero's

Share View


May 2019 Monthly Minute

Donor Advised Funds, Charitable Giving

Health and Wellness

Cash on Sidelines?


April 2019 Monthly Minute

Tax Planning To Do Now

Cash Flow Tips For Solopreneur

Staying Up To Date


March 2019 Monthly Minute

Tax Time

Tax Resources

Planning Priorties


February 2019 Monthly Minute

When to contribute to RRSP

Markets got you down

Liquid Alternative Investment


January 2019 Monthly Minute

Financial Tip 2019

Market Update


November 2018 Monthly Minute

Leaving an Impact

Disjointed Markets

POA's - Tips and Traps


October 2018 Monthly Minute

Longest Bull Market


Estate Plan


September 2018 Monthly Minute

Back To School

Sandwich Generation

Defining Your Retirement


Summer 2018 Monthly Minute

Summer Vacation Homes

Charitable Giving

Guide For Business Owners


June 2018 Monthly Minute

Behavioural Finance

Tax Free Benefits For Your Business

Technology Stocks and Long Term Investing


May 2018 Monthly Minute

Income Sprinkling

Most missed Tax Savings Opportunity



April 2018 Monthly Minute

Teaching Kids About Money

Ontario Budget

Health and Retirement


March 2018 Monthly Minute

Don't Dismiss Digitial Asset in your Estate Plan

What Does Retirement Look Like Today

Federal Budget Update


February 2018 Monthly Minute

Market Volatility- It's Back

RRSP's, Taxes & All the Money Stuff

CPP & OAS- wondering when to apply


January 2018 Monthly Minute

New Year's challenges

Financial Tips 2018

Wellness and Protecting Your Assets

Don't Have a Pension, Create Your Own


November 2017 Monthly Minute

Understanding Cryptocurrency

New Mortgage Rules

Year End To Dos


October 2017 Monthly Minute

A Changing World

Currency Fluctations

Downsizing or Not?


September 2017 Monthly Minute

Private Corporation Proposal

3 Phases of Retirement

Lagging Canadian Market


Summer 2017 Monthly Minute

Protect Your Assets and Leave a Legacy

Interest Rates

Why do stock markets fluctuate

Why Purchase Travel Insurance


June 2017 Monthly Minute

Business Owners

Primary Residence

Household Debts


May 2017 Monthly Minute

Important Business Savings Tip

The Estate Freeze:  Who Should Use It and Why

2017 Ontario Budget

Market Data Update


April 2017 Monthly Minute

Your Biggest Tax Bill

2017 Federal Budget

Oil's Comeback?


March 2017 Monthly Minute

What To Expect From Your Advisor

Market Update- Don't Count America Out Just Yet

Tax Resources


February 2017 Monthly Minute

A Portfolio is no place for emotions

Estate Planning Call- What happens to All your investment accounts upon your death? 

Foreign Property Reporting

Tax Planning Organizers

Personal Income Tax Basics


January 2017 Monthly Minute

Ways To Make The Most Out Of 2017

New Principal Residence Ruling



Value of Advice


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