Our Services



  • Access to fee based exclusive Money Management
  • Customized Financial & Wealth Planning
  • Financial, Retirement & Tax Planning
  • Treasury Bills, GIC's, Bonds, Stocks, and large array of Mutual Funds
  • Self-directed RRSP's, RRIF's, RESP's.
  • Insurance, Estate & Succession Planning Services


The services that I offer ensure you:


  • Make the best financial decisions for you!
  • Assess your current situation and make planning recommendations to help you reach those goals.
  • Provide comprehensive investment advice based on a balanced portfolio philosophy
  • Protect your lifestyle by providing appropriate insurance
  • Offer a one-stop solution for all your financial issues




  1. Mutual funds, Investment Trusts
  2. GICs, Strip Coupons, Canadian Savings Bonds
  3. Stocks & Bonds
  4. Limited Partnerships
  5. Oil & Gas Investments
  6. Real Estate Investments
  7. Access to Private Money Managers


Because it’s vitally important to our clients that they be fully informed on an ongoing basis we provide the following:



  1. Quarterly Performance Reporting
  2. Updated Financial Independence Evaluation
  3. Custom Statements on Request




  1. Regular Mailings
  2. Client Informational Seminars
  3. Quarterly Newsletters
  4. Monthly Minute- a monthly email communication providing updates on Financial Planning and Investments that apply to you.




We offer expert advice and consulting on a wide range of important topics including:

  1. Money Management (Investment solutions that provide a variety of options, including individual products and managed money expertise through specialty asset managers)
  2. Personal Tax Planning (Working with you or your accountant to maximize tax savings for the long-term)
  3. Risk Management (Including review of investments and identifying life risks here insurance or alternative options may provide some protection)
  4. Investment Planning (Identifying your investment parameters and a portfolio that fits both your investment and income needs, and your ability to tolerate volatility)
  5. Retirement Planning (Identifying how you can maximize your income flow in retirement through appropriate investment selection and identifying critical cashflow planning)
  6. Estate Planning (Proper allocation of assets and ensuring all your priorities are met, even after you’re gone)
  7. Business Planning (Ensuring your business objectives match those of your personal life to allow for a smooth transition)