Janine's Media Appearances

Tips towards establishing an accessible practice - Investment Exectutive Sept 2019

A portfolio is no place for emotions- Globe & Mail Feb 2017

What's the right amount of cash? Investment Executive Nov 2016 

A student’s guide to money management - The Star September 2016


Janine's Monthly Minute Financial Tip #1 on 105.9 The Region. Save automatically. Think of the 1 thing that will make the biggest difference in meeting your financial goals and add 1 step towards that to your regular routine.  (Listen)


Janine's Monthly Minute Financial Tip #2 on 105.9 The Region. What is your 'money personality'? How do you react to/with money? Understanding your response, and recognizing it's impact on your financial independence is critcial. (Listen)

Janine's Monthly Minute Financial Tip #3 on 105.9 The Region. Do you have US tax ties?  Are you a US citizen living in Canada?  Do you have a green card? If the answer is YES to any of these questions, then you may have US tax obligations. Be aware that certain Canadian investment accounts and solutions may be problematic from a US perspective. Speak with somebody that knows the rules. (Listen)


This article first appeared in the Toronto Star, Feb. 14, 2015:

Insiders share their money-saving secret. What exactly are financial advisers doing with their own hard-earned cash? (Continue Reading)


Cash Flow Planning. What do you want? What is your focus? Whether it is retiring 5 years earlier or buying a new car, cash flow planning can help you get there. Janine appears on RogersTV and explains the importance of cash flow planning especially in times of volatile markets. (Video)


RRSP or TFSA? Which is right for you? Click here to watch Janine's segment on investment products and strategies on Rogers Daytime. (Video)

RESPs- What You Need To Know! RESPs are a great investment vehicle for saving for a child and are eligible for grant money from the government. For more RESPs information, click here to watch Janine's 6-minute video on the need to know on RESPs. (Video)


The Joy of Aging 2015. Janine addresses the 7th annual event on RogersTV (Video)


Janine Purves Interview on Sirius Radio's 'What She Said' discussing money and relationships and the importance of a well-thought-out financial plan. (Audio)


Legacy Planning. What legacy do you want to leave? (Video)